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fleet tracking GPS management solutions

We provide Full GPS Fleet Management Solutions catered to your needs. 1 to 500+ Vehicles we have a solution. Full Driver Analytics and GPS Data Recording at a fraction of the cost of others. 

No Contract subscriptions allows you the freedom to not be penalised for adding or removing vehicles from your fleet. 

  • See driver and vehicle location in near real-time.
  • Track driver conduct such as speeding or poor driving
  • Easily identify out of hours use and save money
  • and so much more…..

Driver Vehicle Checks App - a Paperless solution

Each Driver has an App to complete Daily Checks. All data is send directly to our Platform Track Manager where the Fleet Manager can review and update any defects or issues discovered. 

This is a paper free and audit compliant process available for fleet managers. 

Do you want to see a LIVE DEMO?

Please contact us so we are able to setup a demo account to your specification.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is mainly identified for assets with no power source within the Asset whether this be a trailer, Generator, container or similar. Asset Tracking can also be used where it is simply too easy to find a GPS Unit inside and to stay one step ahead of the thieves you use asset tracking. They are generally setup to report for example twice per day but when stolen this is increase to assist the recovery of the item.


  • Pin point your fleet via any device, anywhere, anytime!
  • Receive alerts when your vehicles cross boundaries with Geofencing zones and rules
  • Respond to customer queries or complaints quickly
  • Know where your vehicles are 24/7

From a Smartphone you need our APP called TrackManager. Please download it FREE from the links BELOW

Track your vehicles & save with FLEET tracking

Know where your vehicles are in realtime 24/7

Through real time track and trace

Save up to 20% on fuel & maintenance costs

By monitoring and analysing driving behaviour

Cut driving time & optimise drop routes

With profes­sional navigation with live traffic info

Easily comply with regulatory guidelines

Through mileage & work time recording

Benefits of GPS Vehicle Trackers

There might be a time when your vehicle is taken without your permission.  A vehicle tracker will let you know where the vehicle is in real time.

Helping its recovery will be very much appreciated. If you lend your vehicle to a family member, you will have peace of mind that you will always know where they are in case of a breakdown or emergency, and it is not just about theft.

Know where your vehicle is at all times

Save time, money and hassle

Your car is important to you. It’s a part of your life. From commuting to going on vacation, you rely on your car.

It’s better to know that it is well-maintained and serviced than not to know that it is well-maintained

With a car tracking system you can set reminders about when the car should be serviced, to check tyre depth, etc.

With this feature, you can monitor all the trips made by your vehicle, so far.

The GPS devices used on vehicles record many useful facts, including miles traveled by the vehicle, its average speed, whether it has been stopped for any reason, and engine performance.

Trip History

Theft Recovery

When stolen cars are located with the aid of a tracking device, it should come as no surprise that the owners of those cars get their stolen vehicles back quickly and efficiently.

After a vehicle is stolen, GPS tracking makes it easier for the police to locate it. This helps to reduce the cost of the loss, reduces insurance expenses, and improves the safety of the public.